On Bodywork and Belief Balancing:

"Eve has a gift that is beyond words. We’ve worked together for several years now and I credit our time together for a big part of the major transformation I have gone through personally and professionally. Every time I leave Eve’s office I feel more like my true self. Whether she shared Shiatsu, Belief Balancing or CranioSacral Therapy the results were always the same. I felt radiant, balanced and ready to take on the world. Eve’s intuition and wisdom is incredible. She is gentle yet strong. She listens with her whole being and trusts me to do the work that needs to be done for my own healing, which ultimately is the key to any type of growth. She is someone I recommend to my dearest friends and family over and over again. If you’re feeling lost, stuck, or any type of pain or imbalance, schedule some time with Eve. Your whole self with thank you for it!"

- Emma Vasseur, Minneapolis, MN.

On Intuitive Counseling:

"From the very first time Eve worked on me, I knew I was being touched by a great healer. She consistently addresses my specific issues with great success and intuitively discovers the ones I don't know are there. I have been with her for years now and can't imagine anyone "getting" me like Eve gets me. She has seen me through some highly charged and stressed times of my life. I have heart felt gratitude for relief she continues to provide. Eve is a truly gifted practitioner."

- Kristin Anderson, Minnetonka, MN

On Healing Work:

"Eve has abilities to help with healing that are truly a gift from God. She has encouraged my body to heal itself in ways that I do not fully understand, but I fully appreciate."

--Sue Hodgson, New Hope, MN