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Adults and Adolescents

  • 50 minutes
  • 150 US dollars
  • Telehealth

Service Description

Surviving is not enough, one must learn to thrive. Eve specializes in promoting self-attunement, emotional regulation, and empowerment through uncovering the genius and wisdom hidden in the body. Pain comes from many sources: psychological trauma, physical challenges, emotional dysregulation, epigenetic inheritance, and spiritual transfixities. These wounds disharmonize in our various bodies: physical, emotional, etheric, astral, and soul-self. Deep attunement and profound listening is needed for the anchor points of trauma to reveal their core and begin to unwind, untangling the thick knots of beliefs, challenges, traumas, and behavioral patterns. Trauma responses like fight, flight, freeze, tend, and befriend can become hardened into personality traits whose impacts can interfere with goal attainment and thriving when situations that once required those brilliant survival adaptations are no longer present. Therapy helps us to identify and slowly soften these hardened traits into agency and choice so you can move from impulsive reaction to conscious, constructive choice, determining more diligently the outcomes of your life and the person you desire to create yourself to be.  Mentorship is available as a less formal approach focusing on advice, training, and personal development. Available via telehealth. To schedule email

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Telehealth Boulder County, CO, USA

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